Stainless Steel Chillum Screens (Pack of 3)

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  • Give your chillum a refresh for an enjoyable smoking experience
  • Made from 100% Stainless Steel Mesh
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty
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What’s included:

  • Three (3) stainless steel pipe screens 


Looking to give your chillum a refresh? Don't forget your extra screens! Take a pack of our stainless steel pipe screens on the go. If a screen goes missing, you can easily replace it with a fresh screen, saving you from missing out on a smoke session.

Crafted from 100% stainless steel mesh, these screens are durable and high quality. They are the preferred choice for metal pipe screens. They make smoking your herbs an easy and enjoyable experience. Get top quality pipe screens made from stainless steel today.

Are Stainless Steel Pipe Screens Safe?

Yes, stainless steel pipe screens are safe to use. They are high quality, heavy-duty and offer excellent filtration. Stainless steel is a healthier and stronger material to use for metal screens. 

How to Use Pipe Screens

To use pipe screens, place one in the bowl of your empty chillum or pipe. Press it down lightly to secure it in place over the hole. Then, simply place your herbs on top, light up and enjoy your smoke session.

Do Chillums Need Screens?

Yes, chillums need mesh screens to filter out bits of herb and ash from falling through. We recommend replacing them every so often to keep your smoking experience fresh.  


  • Material: 100% Medical Grade Stainless Steel

  • Width: 5/8 (in)

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    Chillum Screens

    Published by Locke on Sep 8th 2023

    These were just what I was looking for.