Our metal one hitter bats, chillums, screens and dugouts are heavy duty and built to last you a lifetime. We design our smoking pipes and accessories with high-quality materials and the end-user in mind. Our pieces are CNC machined at our workshop in Essex Junction, Vermont. 

Our pieces are the top quality you would expect for a product that is made in the USA. They are incredibly easy to use and easy to clean.

Metal One Hitters

Our Titanium One Hitters are easy to carry and discrete enough to enjoy on the go! Enjoy your herb on camping trips, hikes, or for a relaxing mid-day coffee break.

These metal one hitter pipes feature a miniature bowl and hold about one hit, or a single inhalation of herb. The weight and feel is durable and lightweight. Unlike glass or aluminum one hitter bats, these small hand pipes are constructed of 100% titanium, making them ideal for hiking, trekking and for medical patients or anyone who has health concerns using aluminum products.

Metal Chillums

Our Titanium Chillums and Stainless Steel Chillums are built from top quality materials. They are a must have for those rugged outdoor adventures! They feature a front-loaded bowl that fits the perfect amount of herb for a small personal dose. The screw-off head makes cleaning your chillum pipe and replacing screens easy. 

The weight and feel of these metal pieces is durable and heavy duty. They are ideal for hiking, trekking and for medical patients or anyone who has health concerns using aluminum products.

Metal Screens

Our Stainless Steel Chillum Screens are perfect for giving your chillum a refresh. Take a pack on the go. If one goes missing, easily replace it with a fresh pipe screen, saving you from missing out on a smoke session.

These metal screens are durable and high quality. They are the preferred choice for metal pipe screens. They make smoking your herbs an easy and enjoyable experience.

Metal Dugouts

Easily medicate on the go with the Delta Case, a discrete, all-in-one, scent resistant aluminum dugout! It is made in the USA, built from robust yet lightweight aluminum.

It features 3 sealable compartments. One compartment securely holds your chillum, another houses the eco-friendly refillable clipper lighter, and a third functions as a stash chamber for your herb.

The openings one the Delta Case are protected with O-Rings to lock scent and freshness inside!