Stainless Steel Grinders vs Aluminum - Which is Actually Best?

Stainless Steel Grinders vs Aluminum - Which is Actually Best?

Oct 28th 2022

When purchasing any new tool, it is important to keep a few things in mind; its appearance, the material it is made of, its durability, and functionality are all important. If you are in the market for a new herb grinder, all of these factors should be considered. This article will examine the differences between Stainless Steel and Aluminum, and will also compare and contrast the features of three different grinders.

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

Choosing which material your grinder is made of is one of the most important decisions a buyer can make. The primary consideration is hardness. The harder the material is, the more durable your grinder will be; it will maintain its appearance and functionality, it will last longer, and the cutting teeth will dull much more slowly.

Duller teeth are a problem for two reasons; they make grinding less efficient and more difficult, and as the teeth get ground down, little by little, you are exposing yourself to shavings of whatever material your grinder is made out of.

This is especially concerning if you are using a grinder made of lower quality materials like wood, plastic, or acrylic, since softer materials erode more quickly. More durable grinders made out of metal are superior in this respect, but they are not all equal!

Aluminum is the most common material used to make grinders today. While harder than wood and plastic, it is much less durable than other metallic options. Aluminum exposure has also been implicated in a number of health problems ranging from lung and kidney disease to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. As such, it is a good idea to reduce your exposure to aluminum by choosing alternatives whenever possible.

A better alternative to aluminum is stainless steel, a much harder metal. This can be observed by scratching one grinder with the other. The lightweight aluminum grinder doesn't leave a mark on the stainless steel grinder, while the sturdier stainless steel grinder easily scratches the aluminum one.

3 Grinders Compared

Let's look at three grinders and compare the features and functionality to determine which is most suitable for you.

  • Iaso’s Four Piece Stainless Steel Grinder 1.75”
  • Herb Ripper’s The Ripper XL Herb Grinder
  • A common aluminum grinder

The Look and Feel

In appearance, the Iaso is glossy, while the Ripper has a matte finish. The aluminum grinder is duller in appearance. The Iaso and Ripper, both made with medical grade stainless steel, are dishwasher-safe, easy to clean and easily maintained, and are much stronger and heavier in the hand than the aluminum grinder.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 1

Aluminum Grinder: 0

The Lid

The top piece of the grinder, the lid, is magnetic on all three options. This helpful feature keeps the lid from coming off so easily when being turned. The lid on the Iaso is unique; it is knurled like an easy-open arthritis medicine-cap for better grip and easier use. A concentric inner ring lowers the friction, so that the lid can be turned with just one finger.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 2

Aluminum Grinder: 0

The Teeth

The Iaso and aluminum grinder feature diamond-cut grinding teeth. Diamond-cut sharp teeth easily pierce through the densest herb. In contrast, the Ripper has blunt-edged rectangular teeth to rip up the herb. The edges of the Iaso grinder teeth are noticeably sharper than the aluminum.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 3

Aluminum Grinder: 0

The Grinding Chamber

The second piece of the grinder, the grinding chamber, has the same concentrically oriented teeth as the top. The Iaso features a Labyrinth seal that minimizes surface area to prevent herb from spilling out of the chamber. These features are absent in the Ripper and aluminum grinder.

Additionally, the Iaso grinder has a deeper chamber than the Ripper and aluminum model, which allows you to fit more herb for grinding.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 4

Aluminum Grinder: 0

The Herb Chamber

The third piece of the grinder, the herb chamber, is similar on all three grinders. However, the Iaso and Ripper both have more angled sides than the aluminum grinder, which makes it easier to gather the ground herb.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 5

Aluminum Grinder: 0

The Screen

Both the Iaso and Ripper also feature removable steel screens, which allows for replacement in case of damage as well as if one desires a different mesh size for finer or coarser kief. The screen of the aluminum grinder is not removable.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 6

Aluminum Grinder: 0

The Kief Chamber

The fourth piece of the grinder, the kief chamber or kief catcher, is similar in both the Iaso and the Ripper with smoothly curved sides that make it easier to gather kief. In contrast, the aluminum grinder has square sides. As with the lid, the Iaso grinder features the addition of a knurled grip that makes opening and closing the kief chamber easier and more comfortable.

Stainless Steel Grinders: 7

Aluminum Grinder: 0

Overall Winner - Stainless Steel

Comparing grinder materials to each other, it is clear that the harder stainless steel featured in the Iaso and Ripper grinders is superior to aluminum, plastic, and other materials. Increased durability, less exposure to harmful substances, and easier maintenance and cleaning, all make stainless steel worth the price.

In conclusion, both the Iaso and the Ripper are high quality grinders, made out of medical grade stainless steel and both come with lifetime warranties. The Iaso offers exclusive features which include knurled easy-open top and bottom pieces for a comfortable grip, sharp grinding teeth oriented to pierce through dense herb, a more vertically spacious grinding chamber, and the labyrinth seal to keep your herb from spilling. Make the better choice for your herb and for your health and get a stainless steel grinder today.

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