Limited Quantity Pre-Order Four Piece Stainless Steel Grinder 2.5" Delivery by July 4th


Product Information

This is the party size version of our already proven 1.75" compact grinder. Limited qty available for the pre-order for July 4th delivery.

Our four piece grinder was developed specifically for medical patients who have health concerns using aluminum products as well as trouble with grinders binding up.Our Patent Pending labyrinth seal design utilizes design methods and technology used across aerospace and renewable energy technologies . Made fully out of stainless steel, just like your kitchen appliances, you can be sure you are not putting toxic material or aluminum chips into your body.Comes with box that can serve as a stash box in either Cherry or Walnut. Box is handmade of wood and coated with food grade oils. 


Current Stock:
Width: 2.50
Height: 1.50

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